The expertise in finishing works engineering

Here are the services offered: project studies, execution designing, manufacturing, installation, supervision, project management, assembling the file and administrative follow-up (building notification, signs, …).

Because of the exceptional demanding level of finishing and the major role of the fitter trade on the site, a famous renowned know-how in coordination of the different finishing trades has been developed.

By entrusting the management of the works to the fitter, all the teams will be endowed with the same concern carefully requirements for executed fittings. Quality seeking is a strong and steady requirement: this is the spirit maintained in our teams.

We are convinced that this is the way to obtain customer’s entire satisfaction and team’s motivation over a long period of time.

Professional qualifications

We have the following qualifications:

  • QUALIBAT n° 9113 – fitting (state of the art technique) n° 4323 woodwork (state of the art technique).
  • The QUALIBAT certification n° 7313 – fitting (high tech) includes companies which have an engineering and design department and sometimes an engineering design management department too.

These offices achieve complex space refurbishing thanks to :

  • the best expertise in furniture, assembling and surface treatment shaping.
  • the trades ‘strong commitment with specific constraints like environment and deadlines.
  • The high level performance required for aesthetic finishes (expertise of materials quantities, finishing), technical expertise (acoustic, mechanical processing, fluid distribution process, safety features, etc .)
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We bring the complete service of a team of respectful professionals of the quality, deadline and the budget of your achievement. A multidisciplinary team of 30 persons guarantees the agreement of the esthetics and the technique. It coordinates all the talents, with the concern to control the time and to assure the finish of every detail.

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